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Ground Flare & Gas Plant Operation

Injaz Al-Bana Al-Thabit For Cont. Est. multi-point flare system uses the energy in flared gas to achieve clean, economical combustion in high-pressure applications without steam or gas assist. Injaz Al-Bana Al-Thabit For Cont. Est. flare is proven to operate in excess of 10 years with minimal maintenance. This state-of-the-art flare induces air to a number of burning points for maximum smokeless combustion and unlimited turndown. A groundmounted configuration is easily concealed with a radiation fence. Injaz Al-Bana Al-Thabit For Cont. Est. flare’s specific burner spacing provides maximum crosslighting across the staged system.


  • High smokeless capacity without steam, air or other assist medium
  • Radiation fence to control heat, flame visibility and combustion air distribution
  • Short flame length
  • Optimal burner spacing ensures crosslighting to minimize the number of pilots required
  • Ground mounted or elevated design
  • Rugged burner and radiation fence design
  • Minimizes environmental impact and reduces utility requirements for smokeless flaring
  • Safe flaring at grade within the plant
  • Low visibility flare design
  • Safe, stable burner ignition with minimal pilot fuel consumption
  • Customized to meet specific performance and plot area requirements
  • Extended service life
  • Low operating and maintenance costs